Is the sun the source for super human ability

I have been seeing some crazy post about staring into the sun. Things that don’t even make sense. sun

“Did you know that if you stare at the sun for 15 minutes a day, that you won’t need to eat food anymore? You will literally gain superhuman abilities and feel like an enlightened person. Obviously, you would need to stare at the sun during the early morning or late evening when the sun is at it’s lowest brightness. But NASA did a study and proved that people who engage in this sun-staring practice achieve a state of high spiritual and mental enlightenment”

Pretty sure while it may work, I would guess the damage to your eyes is way, way too much to risk. Yes the sun does help the body convert vitamin D. Big picture the sun is the source of all energy. Plants need the sun, animals need plants and we need both for fuel for our body. Crazy world