Skunk Got You Beer?

Cinco de Mayo is a great day to enjoy some beers. Its May 5th and everyone is celebrating with tacos, beers & tequila. What could be better? By the way, it is not Mexico’s Independence day. But those clear bottle light mexican lagers have one small problem, skunked beer.  Yes, skunked beer such a disappointment, you can never know until it is too late.

So why does this terrible thing happen? It is not so much about the temperature of the beeskunked beerr, it is more about sunlight. The light bottles allow more sunlight through which in turn leads to a higher chance of the beer becoming skunked.

Choose cans, there are actually quite a few reasons to choose cans. Better for the environment. They are lighter and take up less space than bottles. You can stack cans of beer, try that with bottles. Best of all, no sunlight gets in to skunk you beer!