This Hangover Pill is the Best

So you did it again, crushed a bunch of heavy beers with a buddy last night. Then you get home drank a bit wine left over from your tinder date the night before and passed out on the couch. The next morning your life is heading in the wrong direction. Confused, headache, upset stomach, lethargic, irritable well you know the situation. What would life be life if you would take a hangover pill hangover pillbefore you started this whole journey?

Yes, really a hangover pill could have helped you out. If it is formulated to help prevent hangovers with good, natural ingredients your body needs then what harm could it do? It sure wouldn’t make things worse, what do you have to lose? Say it doesn’t work great, just kinda decent, say 25% success. So instead of being 100% hungover, you are 75% hungover and instead of being hungover say 4 hours you reduce that to 3 hours. Feeling great by lunch is much, much better than feeling crappy while trying to eat lunch.