Kombucha has Alcohol

Many people have heard of kombucha. Only some know what it is. Long story short it is a fermented tea that has healthy bacteria in it. Also, it has a hint of natural alcohol, around 0.5%. So a few kombucha beer bottlescompanies have decided to ramp it up and make kombucha beer.

This is after a ¬†few manufacturers got in some trouble. It came out that many of the Kombucha’s had an alcohol content higher than that, some had alcohol content close to 1.5% alcohol. This issue apparently set off Lindsay Lohan‘s alcohol sensor!

Do you like a nice tart lambic or a sour beer? If so then you may want to consider trying out a kombucha beer. Unity brewing is one of the leading beer companies going after this downward dog trend. From my personal experience I am a big fan of the probiotic kick that is going on. I feel natural probitics are a positive addition to my health.