The Pill for your Hangover

You had a big day planned. But Dave the morning killer found you last night and drug you on an adventure. Today you’ve developed a deep hatred for walking all the way to the other couch to grab the remote. What would help this? A hangover pill, but you don’t have one. Whether the commercials are a pain in the rear or a brief moment of relief depends on your tastes. Is this why they play low-budget shows during the day? Just to spite you?

Apparently your friends are mad at you. And, quite frankly, you don’t want to know why. In fact, you may be better blocking her number outright so she doesn’t tell you. Maybe you can eventually forget about it altogether. After all, alcohol and escapism go hand in hand, right? You’re just using a product according to its directions. That’s right. Just turn off the phone and forget about it.

champagne hangover