Bloody Mary as a healthy drink?

“Problem drinking” is a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? After all, everybody knows that drinking solves problems. But what about healthy bloody marymaking some good decisions and choosing some healthy alcoholic drinks the next time you are out.

As such, it only seems suiting to haul your rear into the kitchen and start solving as many problems as you can. Some say you’re merely pushing the hangover off until later, but we both know you’re not a quitter.

So a bloody mary? Can you make that a healthy drink? Well tomato juice could be considered kinda healthy, even better would be V8. It is loaded with vitamins but also loaded with sodium.  Vodka is not the best choice, but for alcohol it is one of the cleanest options you can have.

Really your best bet is in the toppings, celery, lime, olives, any type of veggie you can throw in. Maybe even an extra celery.