Congeners in Alcoholic drinks

While a hangover has many components, what you drink can impact your hangover. I have found drinking healthy alcoholic drinks have reduced my hangovers. When I mean healthy is higher quality drinks healthy alcoholic drinkswith better ingredients.

The ingredients in the alcohol you drink can affect your hangover. Drinks with higher levels of congeners or hops can worsen a hangover. Hops give beer its bitter, crisp taste, but can be hard on the body.

Congeners are a by-product of the process of alcohol fermentation and can exaggerate the symptoms of a hangover. Dark spirits like brandy, whiskey, and red wine contain more congeners than lighter spirits like vodka and white wine.

So I recommend drinking healthy alcoholic drinks such as vodka and club soda with fruit. If that is too bland whiskey and water is not a terrible option even though whiskey does have some congeners. But the water is a healthy mixer