Monthly Archive: June 2018

Tree Water Beverages

There is a new trend in beverages, using tree sap and tree water to create a healthy unique beverage. How is this made? What makes it different from maple syrup? The sap harvested from birch, maple, walnut and other trees is close to 98% water. The little bit remaining is natural sugars, minerals, antioxidants, and much more goodness.tree sap

To make a maple syrup the tree water has to be reduced down removing the water and concentrating the sugars left over. You even now have companies and people created maple sodas and sparkling tree sap drinks. One even recently was featured on the hit tv show Shark Tank on ABC television.

If you want to try out a tree sap beverage, tree water or any related soda, head to your local health food store, co-op or whole foods to see what they offer. This unique beverage is worth a try. Plus they claim it has some hangover-fighting abilities!