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Herb Keller cont.

Herb is a transformational leader. He has brought forward some astounding results for southwest airlines. Much of that would rely on his incredible charisma. Herb definitely shows a special quality inherb keller which his purposes, powers and extraordinary determination differentiate him above others. Some of his antics include dressing as Elvis and the Easter bunny, but also he has an outstanding image from his employees, peers, and the public. From that charisma some positive effects have resulted for Southwest. One of the results is a great similarity between Herb’s beliefs and his employee’s beliefs. Also a strong affection and emulation for Herb is present along with the strong identification with him. Herb is so into being with the people to learn what they need to succeed it has rubbed off. Pilots are known to man the boarding gate and ticket agents find themselves moving luggage. This is unheard of in the airline industry. Herb projects a wonderful vision and he constantly strives to it. His visionary mindset has passed to others as an incredible corporate culture has evolved at southwest.

Real or Myth? Vitamins for hangovers

We like to drink. We know it is not the best thing for us. But really what all bad does it do? Are there vitamins for hangovers? One of vitamins for hangoversthe most glaring things is the fact that it depletes our bodys of critical B Vitamins. B vitamins help with energy and metabolism.

Many people who drink are deficient in B & C vitamins. This deficiency can cause you to not perform at optimum levels. Simple supplementation can help with this drastically. Also, your liver is taxed heavily when you drink. Milk thistle has been used as a liver tonic for centuries and is prescribed as medication in Europe.

When you drink you also dd free radicals to your body. Free radicals are toxins and the build up of them adds to your hangover. So could antioxidant hangover cure? As we discussed earlier, toxins from alcohol can aggravate Inflammation, Dehydration and Diarrhea, Nausea & Vomiting.


Do you know what a Hangover Vitamin is?

Do you like to drink? Do you like to feel better after drinking? If so strap in and learn about what a hangover vitamin is. If you like to drink a lot , there is a possibility that you may have deficiencies in nutrients. This nutrient deficiency can lead to issues with energy production, maintenance, and metabolism.

Weakened energy is only part of the issue. Many b vitamins counteract with other functions in your body and can cause you more issues. I take a b vitamin supplement daily to help my body out. In the morning it gives me an energy boost without the need of caffeine.  They even have sprays and drops for this, both work really well.

If you take the proper precautions you hangover can be minimized. You could eat eggs, greens, fruit, water, nuts and feel better. Or you could take a proper hangover pill. The choice is yours.