Bloody Mary as a healthy drink?

“Problem drinking” is a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? After all, everybody knows that drinking solves problems. But what about healthy bloody marymaking some good decisions and choosing some healthy alcoholic drinks the next time you are out.

As such, it only seems suiting to haul your rear into the kitchen and start solving as many problems as you can. Some say you’re merely pushing the hangover off until later, but we both know you’re not a quitter.

So a bloody mary? Can you make that a healthy drink? Well tomato juice could be considered kinda healthy, even better would be V8. It is loaded with vitamins but also loaded with sodium.  Vodka is not the best choice, but for alcohol it is one of the cleanest options you can have.

Really your best bet is in the toppings, celery, lime, olives, any type of veggie you can throw in. Maybe even an extra celery.

Fat Tuesday Should Have Included a Hangover Pill

You just celebrated Fat Tuesday. Good possibility you are waking up a bit hungover. You have to admit, Mardi Gras is a huge party. The party is correlated with the events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday is the last big party with ample alcohol. This is the perfect holiday for a hangover pill. The mainstream use of a hangover pill during drinking holidays has sky rocketed over the last few years.fat tuesday hangover

If Hangover pills really work, but what should the best hangover pill include?

B & C Vitamins- Balance out the vitamin deficiencies

N-A cysteine – Targets the destructive byproducts created in your body and helps the body remove them.

Antioxidant Rich Ingredients– Eliminates toxic free radicals in your body.

Liver Support – Support your liver with an herbal blend of supplements

St Paddys day is coming up soon, take a hangover pill or 2. Don’t forget to mix some water in, this will help with dehydration and absorption of the pills.

Eating Eggs & Drinking

Drinkers need to consider eating more eggs. Eggs help the body deal with alcohol and b vitamins. The incredible edible eggs is the perfect food for people who drink. Eggs are so nutritious that they’re often referred to as “nature’s multivitamin.” They also have exceptional hungover eggsantioxidants and potent brain nutrients that many people who drink are deficient in.

One whole egg contains an amazing range of nutrients. Protein, healthy fat, vitamin b12, vitamin b2 aka riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin b5 aka pantothenic acid, selenium, among other minerals.

Plus, what about the versatility of the egg? Did you know that the 100 creases in a chefs hat refer to the 100 ways to cook an egg. My personal favorite is just eggs slightly scrambled. But you can never go wrong with an egg sandwich, best is to add some type of meat. Who would think to be healthy while drinking would be so easy and delicious?

Saving money with AC service

A comfortable home is an ideal place to stay with family and friends. With AC repair Wilmington NC, you will be able to comfortably sail through the cold winter-season and into the new season without much fuss or worries. On the other hand, having a home with a faulty or broken down air conditioning system means that you will be living in an uncomfortable place that is not so welcoming and you will notice fewer guests coming to visit or stay over.

I recently had my AC serviced locally here in Wilmington NC and our monthly bill went down by 10%.  Also I set my thermostat up a few more degrees and it added to more savings on our bill. This fall we plan to have our heat serviced and set our thermostat down a few degrees to add to our savings. Also we added blinds to a few larger windows to keep the suns heat out.

Congeners in Alcoholic drinks

While a hangover has many components, what you drink can impact your hangover. I have found drinking healthy alcoholic drinks have reduced my hangovers. When I mean healthy is higher quality drinks healthy alcoholic drinkswith better ingredients.

The ingredients in the alcohol you drink can affect your hangover. Drinks with higher levels of congeners or hops can worsen a hangover. Hops give beer its bitter, crisp taste, but can be hard on the body.

Congeners are a by-product of the process of alcohol fermentation and can exaggerate the symptoms of a hangover. Dark spirits like brandy, whiskey, and red wine contain more congeners than lighter spirits like vodka and white wine.

So I recommend drinking healthy alcoholic drinks such as vodka and club soda with fruit. If that is too bland whiskey and water is not a terrible option even though whiskey does have some congeners. But the water is a healthy mixer

Southwest Roots Part 2

One of Herb Kelleher’s most impressive ability is his never tiring drive and determination. He displayed this early in his career as a lawyer for Southwest. When Southwest first became commissioned to fly other Texas carriers made a huge attempt to keep them on the ground. The ensuing legal battle was fierce. In an interview with Herb he discusses the numerous all-nighters he pulled working on this. Then one day he finally beat the giants opposing him and Southwest took flight. Even once they were in air battles be
tween the airlines became physical enough to have the FAA step in. This was the basis for the “warrior spirit” at Southwest. Herb displayed a tremendous drive and achievement motive. Looking at

Herb displayed a tremendous drive and achievement motive. Looking at drive, Herb put forth very high energy into achieving his goals and was very persistent in applying that energy. Also he displays much achievement motivation. While Herb is worth millions he still continued to be CEO and drive the Southwest airline. He just found joy in his accomplishments and continued for that reason.

Antioxidants as a Hangover Cure

Antioxidants are compounds that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals (toxins). Excess free radicals can be damaging to the body and drinking can lead to elevated toxins in the body. Antioxidants hangover cure as we discussed earlier, toxins from alcohol can aggravate your hangover.antioxidants hangover cure

Here is an excerpt from Annals of Internal Medicine examining the staggering cost of hangovers (Wiese et al. 2000)

The alcohol hangover is characterized by headache, tremulousness, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue combined with decreased occupational, cognitive, or visual-spatial skill performance. In the United States, related absenteeism and poor job performance cost $148 billion annually (average annual cost per working adult, $2000). (2013 updated to $224 billion) Although hangover is associated with alcoholism, most of its cost is incurred by the light-to-moderate drinker. Patients with hangover may pose substantial risk to themselves and others despite having a normal blood alcohol level. Hangover may also be an independent risk factor for cardiac death.

Obviously, antioxidants hangover cure with antioxidant rich food and supplementation should be part of your regime to counter hangovers.

Avoid Skunked Beer

Skunked beer is a name that is particularly relevant. Beer contracts its bitterness and a lot of its taste from hops, one of the main components needed to make the delicious beverage. When brewers are coskunked beeroking the wort, hops is added for preservatives and for flavor.

But if beer is exposed to sunlight, the sun’s power breaks down those iso-alpha acids from hops. The resulting compounds bind with proteins that contain sulfur. This creates a new biochemical — one that’s extremely similar in chemical structure to the one used by skunks. It’s incredibly powerful in scent and taste too. Hence the name skunked beer.

People can taste this chemical at one part per billion. To put this in perspective, if you filled an Olympic-sized swimming pool with beer, one eyedropper of this stuff would change the way it tasted. I will take their word for it, I will not test this myself.

So treat your beer properly, keep it cool and out of sunlight. If you end up with skunked beer, you can drink it, but we recommend grabbing new beer.

Southwest Roots

Southwest airlines first turned a profit in 1973, and since then Southwest have ended every year profitable (Brooker). This is an amazing accomplishment; even more amazing is that it is in the airline industry. No other airlines have even been close to achieving this. What is southwest’s secret formula for success? None other than the CEO and chairman Herb Kelleher. As some would say the best way to describe Herb is “one of a kind.” He is a transformational leader with charisma and determination to spare. Helping to fuel him in his conquest is his drive for human interaction as well love for bourbon and cigarettes.

Herb stepped down as CEO in the early 2000s. This was after bringing the company from having 27 planes and $270 million in revenues in his first year as CEO in 1982 to $5.7 billion business (Brooker). Today Southwest is considered a top airline for customer service, value, consistency and reliability.  Plus they have a great TV ad campaign.